Tuesday, September 23, 2003

Wesley Clark 

I'm teetering, I'm about to take the dive off of the cliff...my boat is sea-worthy, but it might have a new captain: Wesley Clark.

Not in a million years did I think I would say this, but Kucinich doesn't have a chance, and I think he knew this all along. Why the heck did he run? I gave too much of my hard-earned money to the guy. If he didn't think he could win, why not run a campaign like Mosley Braun, who is practically saying, don't contribute, I'm in it to contribute my influence to the expression of the issues, and get my name out there.

In all fairness, Kucinich has contributed to the issues, and kept at least some of the debate left-leaning. Couldn't he have done this without my money though? Again, Braun and Sharpton have.

That said, I'm excited about Clark. My bet is he will surprise us all and be the greatest liberal president since Eisenhower, and I don't say that facetiously.

Clark is already shown in a recent gallup poll to be neck and neck with Bush. He's come out of the gate strong and he inspires confidence in people. Now all we have to do is support him, and fend off the attacks already emanating from the scared, far right, such as William Safire, who would like to paint him as a Schwarzenegger type candidate and a puppet of the Clintons, in his column in the NYT on September 22 :

As a boot-in-mouth politician, however, Clark ranks with Arnold Schwarzenegger. He began by claiming to have been pressured to stop his defeatist wartime CNN commentary by someone "around the White House"; challenged, he morphed that source into a Canadian Middle East think tank, equally fuzzy.

Worse, as his Clinton handlers cringed, he blew his antiwar appeal by telling reporters "I probably would have voted for" the Congressional resolution authorizing Bush to invade Iraq. Next day, the chastised candidate flip-flopped, claiming "I would never have voted for war."

Clark's strange explanation: "I've said it both ways, because when you get into this, what happens is you have to put yourself in a position." He put himself in the hot-pretzel position — softly twisted.

Let's assume the Clinton handlers teach him the rudiments of verbal discipline and the Clinton fund-raising machine makes him a viable candidate. To what end? What's in it for the Clintons?

Busy, Busy, Busy has this take on Safire's attack:

My transcendent hatred of the Clintons having imbued me with preternatural mind-reading powers, I can discern in their support of Wesley Clark's candidacy a Machiavellian scheme to install Hillary in the White House.

Visit Clark's website and take a look at his 100 year vision, yes, that's right, 100 year vision for America. Here is a man who does not believe in his destiny in the apocalypse.