Tuesday, October 14, 2003

America the destroyer. 

There were many reasonable, civilized people who thought we should attack Afghanistan after 9/11, to destroy Bin Laden and the Taliban. I was not one of them, although I'm not sure this necessarily qualifies me as more reasonable or civilized, especially after a bottle of red wine.

However, I am sure the Kuchi Nomads of Afghanistan are wishing for a little reason and civilization, so that they can get on with their wandering ways. From Professor Marc Herald's Afghan Canon:

"Nomadic tribesman Haji Lawang saw the outline of the helicopter in the night sky and heard its roar as it streaked low over his three tents. A moment later, an explosion shook the ground and fire flew up from the desert about a mile away. The 50-year-old huddled with his two wives, four children, goats and camels and prayed his family wouldn't also be attacked. At dawn, he went out to investigate and found his neighbors' camp in ruins. Five women and four children were dead and six people were wounded, he said.