Thursday, October 30, 2003

The good news is... 

The good news is...the fundamentalists using terrorist tactics in Iraq don't want the old regime back.

Riverbend of Baghdad Burning, as far as I am concerned, is the best source of what is truly going on in the chaos known as Iraq.

Check her out:

The majority associate such attacks with resistance and many people believe that they are being carried out by people with access and knowledge of advanced military equipment- perhaps Iraqis who were a part of the Guard or former members of the Iraqi army. Now, while some may certainly be labeled as Ba'athists, or loyalists, they aren't fundamentalists. We do, after all, have hundreds of thousands of disgruntled former military personnel and soldiers who were made to sit at home without retirement, a pension or any form of compensation. The relatively few who were promised a monthly 'retirement wage', complain that they aren't getting the money. (I can never emphasize enough the mistake of dissolving the army? was anyone thinking when they came up with that decision?!)