Tuesday, October 07, 2003

The Great Groper. 

Kalifornea, you are being groped by possibly the greatest groper of all time. You're being fondled, and you don't even know it. That's how good he is. Get ready, because you are going to be asked to do a lot more in the coming months. I hope you know how to suck hard.

Sorry for the obscenity, but today, I needed to say it exactly as I feel it. It is difficult to sit in these swamps and watch as California gets screwed, by the same man who, along with Ken Lay and Enron, screwed them before.

I feel dirty today. Der Gropinator is dirtying the entire nation. Godess save us from these brown shirts that are flowing in his wake.

The media deserves special praise for its efforts in electing der gropinator, especially Chris Matthews:

ALLRED: ...the situation with Monica Lewinsky was consented to conduct. She consented to that conduct. In the newspaper article in the “L.A. Times,” the situation with the six women with Arnold Schwarzenegger...
MATTHEWS: So it’s OK if it’s...
ALLRED: ...is unconsented to, if you believe it’s true.
MATTHEWS: OK. Just to get this straight, just to-Gloria, so your record is straight here. So it’s OK to have consensual relations with a woman who is 30 years or whatever younger than you in the workplace. That’s OK. And it is to lie about it. But in this case, he admitted he did it and that’s not OK. What is your value system here?
ALLRED: Well, it is very clear. It is not unlawful, although I don’t think it is wise, to have a sexual relationship that is consented to in the workplace.
ALLRED: But, if it is unwelcome in the workplace, as is alleged against Arnold Schwarzenegger, that’s unlawful. If it is true, it is sexual battery that he committed, Mr. Schwarzenegger. And that is potentially a crime.
MATTHEWS: Great. OK. My producer is telling me to shut you up. OK?
I’m trying to be polite. Go ahead, Kim.

And special accolades to the New York Times:

There was only one problem with the story: the profiled neighbor doesn't live next door to the Governor. In fact, she doesn't even live on the same street. Her home is several football fields away, across a pond in the neighborhood development. The Times readers were lead to believe that this
woman knew the Governor in the way a next door neighbor does (never mind the fact that the Governor's primary residence is in Los Angeles), when, in fact, she didn't know him at all.