Wednesday, October 15, 2003

Just Say No to 87billion dollars for Iraq.  

The best think that Nancy Reagan ever did for this country, was emphasize these three words: Just Say NO. I don't say this in appreciation for the drug wars that the three words, just say no, were originally associated with.

I am against the drug wars.

I am also against spending 87 billion in Iraq which is the same as pouring 87 billion dollars down a black hole. You don't know where it will end up in time and what it will end up doing or causing. You don't know whose pocket its going to line.

Just say no to the 87 billion dollars proposed spending for the reconstruction of Iraq. I do favor spending some of that dough on the troops, if it means making their lives a little easier while they are there. I've heard of shortages such as toothpaste, the essentials.

I called my senators today, Terry Breaux and Mary Landrieu. Both women I talked to seemed rushed; hurried. I called Landrieau's office back, because usually they ask for your name and address, and they didn't this time. I told the woman that I felt rushed when I spoke to her before, and she said she was sorry, but they were getting 3 calls per minute. I don't know if she was exaggerating. I asked her if the calls had to do with the 87 billion for Iraq, and she said "yes".

I was thrilled. I got chummy with her and asked her how the votes were leaning, and she said the vast majority, almost 100 percent, was against the spending. She said out of the hundreds of calls, only two expressed support for the 87 billion.

I thanked her and said I look forward to receiving Ms. Landrieu's response. I know it is a waste of mail and paper, but she always sends a letter stating a response regarding the issue that you phoned or wrote or emailed her about. It may be that she puts together form letters for the different issues. I sort of don't mind, because at least she is stating her position and doesn't mind that her position is identified. This is what distinguishes a true servant of the people from a charleton, like Arnold Schwarzenegger, who seemed to loath having to define his stances on the issues, and certainly not spontaneously with reporters.

I may not always agree with Mary, but I think she is really trying to fullfill the duties of her job.

Everyone, please help keep those men and women arming the offices of our senators and representatives, breathless and scrambling to keep up with our willingness to share our views with them. It could shake things up, and its a start.