Tuesday, October 21, 2003

Violence, and its uses thereof. 

In an earlier post, I was praising the anti-war movement for remaining peaceful throughout this peaceful war against the Bush administration. I'm afraid that pro-Bush supporters, at least one, is missing the message. From Counterspin Central:

Yesterday, a Harrisonburg, Virginia family's home was burned down by an arsonist who set an anti-war banner hanging from their porch on fire.

"The home’s occupants, Sam Nickels, 43, and his wife, Cindy Hunter, 42, disagree with the war with Iraq and say it is their right as Americans to peacefully disagree with President Bush.

The family had hung the sign on the porch two months ago after vandals continued to rip the same posted sign from their yard.

The sign, now reduced to ashes, told of the number of Iraqi civilians and coalition forces killed since the war began in March, Nickels said.

"We’re trying to reflect a concern for people," Nickels said. "That war is bad for everybody. It doesn’t serve us well in the global community."

The couple’s house has also been egged and just last week, someone ripped down a flag promoting world peace from their porch, Nickels said.

Shifflett said the fire is under investigation. Officials have no suspects, he continued.

The couple, their three children and an adult housemate were sleeping when the fire alarm woke them just before 5 a.m., Hunter said.

Nickels and Hunter awakened their roommate and led their children to safety at a designated meeting place across the street.