Monday, October 20, 2003

What is the Weather Underground these days. 

I saw a documentary last night, The Weather Underground, a history of the underground, radical group that morphed from what was the Students for a Democratic Society in the 60's, to the Weather Underground in the 70's. Several members dropped below sight and began planting bombs in various public places and political buildings. No one was ever hurt in the bombings.

See the film for yourself, and judge the effectiveness of the use of violence in making political statements and as an agent for social change. The violence propagated by the Weather Underground seemed to give some legitimacy to Nixon's attempts to supress the anti-war movement. We haven't made that mistake in our current anti-war movement, in terms of the use of violence, so far.

I will say that I understand the helplessness of those who decided to go underground . Helplessness, in and of itself, is one of the greatest causes of violence. I thank goddess that we have the internet, so that there is yet another tremendous outlet for anger, a way to channel the anger and combat the helplessness. The internet may be the single, greatest reason there has not been violence, for the most part, in response to the policies of George Bush Jr.

I will write more later. My computer is sorely in need of maintenance.