Saturday, November 01, 2003

Blanco needs to take the gloves off. 

I posted a "Sense of Dread", my previous post, to Louisiana Democrats at yahoo.com, and received this reply from a friend of mine:

Well, put!
I agree with everything that you've said, but it goes even further. Jindal
has seized an opportunity where Blanco has not fortified her base constituency,
which are Blacks and the blue collar types. There is even a campaign launched
called "Bubbas for Jindal." She needs to spend more time in New Orleans, as
Jindal has. Even though her agendas should appeal to the average New Orleanean,
the message is just not getting out. She did make a positive impression with
a gay and lesbian activist group, one that Jindal has ignored. This needs to
be exploited.

Also, I strongly feel that Jindal's ads that say that he stands for change
and how poorly our healthcare has been in this state should be used against him.
I mean, how in the world are we to expect change from the morass of the last
8 years, when he was hand picked by General Foster. And how dare he say how
poorly we've been with healthcare issues when he was the secretary of the
Department of Health and Hospitals. Isn't that like Tom Benson saying that the
Saints suck?

I have also noticed that Blanco has a good core of contributors from the
healthcare profession. I think a splendid idea would be to utilize them in a
fierce ad campaign which would demonstrate that if Jindal was all that with the
healthcare profession, then how come he does 't have the solidarity of them
behind him. If you've noticed, the only people that have come to his defense on
healthcare, or lack there of, are Republican politicians.

On the other hand Blanco has had nothing but praise with every department
that she has worked with, just ask Mitch Landrieu. Now, he's someone that's got
tough act to follow. In New Orleans,Blanco should also take advantage of her
strong contributions to the arts community and non-profits. What has Jindal
done ... and what's worse, we know what he's going to do, absolutely nothing.
It's not in him.

Let's go get 'em ! Attack! Attack! Attack That Lying Liar!

And my response:

Well put. You addressed specific areas of weakness of Jindal's that Blanco ought to jump on. I love your idea for an ad with health care workers. That would hit where it hurts. Blanco has got to take the glove's off. Here is her most recent response, posted on her website, regarding Jindal's ads:

"I am very disappointed that Bobby is trying to distort the facts. This
is a serious attempt on his part to distract voters from the truth,"
said Blanco.

The Jindal campaign released a statement today accusing Blanco of
running negative television and radio ads, which is something that
Blanco says, is simply not true.

"It's the classic big lie technique," said Blanco. "The only message
that I have delivered from the beginning of my campaign is on the issues
that are important to our state and that I'm the candidate with the
qualifications, experience and background to be an effective and
efficient governor."

"The people know me."

Trey, the big lie Kathleen speaks about is not wether or not she has run negative ads; she has got to run "negative" ads to counteract his. The big lie is how this man is portraying himself. He is reaching bubbas, blue collar workers, and african-americans, as a man for the people. The truth is he comes from a party that has sacrificed the "people" for tax cuts for the wealthy, a dangerous war with no end, and environmental degradation.

Kathleen does not have to bring up the war, or other national issues though. It is a matter of interpreting his philosophy on a local level. What will his proposals mean to the people? What is his record at DHH? Why is he bringing up Hollywood and the ACLU in ads? What do these have to do with our issues? They are distractions, and Blanco ought to expose that, and then address his real record with DHH.

The kind of "negative" ads that Kathleen ought to run, must deal with the fallacies he is putting forth as the "truth", and at the same time, conveying Blanco's "truth".