Monday, November 03, 2003

The loyalty thing. 

Bush has gone dangerously down a path many failed, totalitarian-leaning leaders have gone. That of demanding, and giving, unquestioning loyalty to his followers, all the while not realizing that, while he is leading, he is also doing a great deal of following. For those who are unquestioningly loyal, then there can be little questioning of each other. However, the shit is hitting the fan so often, there has been a sort of implosion, and old-fashioned semblance of purging, and the scapegoating and targeting of Rumsfeld.

In this case Rumsfeld bore the brunt, probably in spite of the fact that after 2000, they all helped in creating this horrible policy of preemptive war. Rumsfeld planned the war based on their neocon policy, complete with all of its false assumptions, but now he is an easy target because their beliefs did not bear out in reality.

Now you tell me, will Condeleeza Rice read lullabies to George Bush when he is old and gray and possibly senile?

Hell no, she will have long ago moved on. The imcompetents have circled the wagons for now, because there is nothing left to do but try to protect themselves from charges of imcompetence. Bush, like most totalitarian leaning- leaders who seldom dare to question themselves, much less allow others to question them, place emphasis on a kind of loyalty that is vacuous and dangerous. They are loyal to imcompetence. They are loyal to faulty beliefs, unwilling to face the idea that they might be wrong in their current assumptions about reality. Some are looking for escape.

Look for some important defections. Look for Bush to become increasingly more irrational. Look for Bush to possibly manufacture a crisis to keep himself in office. Heaven help us.