Sunday, November 02, 2003

The state of the democratic party. 

A friend of mine posted my "Sense of Dread" post to the chairman of the democratic party in Louisiana, Scott Arceneaux. Here is what he had to say about it:

Thanks for your concern and your are correct in many respects. Jindal does have one of the best media people in the nation. Ms. Blanco is using her local consultant who is very good but we are working with a lot less money and resources. Please know we are working very hard with everything we have.

He doesn't address the content or quality of her campaign, which I feel is sorely lacking. She's got just two weeks to initiate a change-around. It's not likely that she will do it. I'm going to keep pressing though. Maybe somehow I can reach Blanco. I know that her money doesn't meet Jindal's, but a few well-placed ads, and remember the freedom and the power of the press conference, could help turn this campaign around.

This lack of fight and organized resistance to the encroachment of the republican party was apparent in California as well. It's like democrats still have not realized the republicans will distort distort, distort, possibly lie, manipulate, and distort some more in order to win. You almost have to admire their sense of evangelical righteousness, obviously rooted in their religious beliefs. Jesus fucking Christ, some of them believe they are the party of God.

The democrats, to counteract this near-fanaticism, need to use cold logic, address each and every attack; don't let them get away with shit...and go on the offensive always and often. Challenge their fallacies and views. This is, after all, a war of idealogy. It is a battle over what kind of country we will evolve to.

Democrats behave as if they are sleep-walking. There is also obviously an on-going identity crisis. What kind of party are we, and who do we represent? Camille Paglia was right recently when she said, in a Salon.com article, that no one is addressing the problems within the democratic party, and how to regain power for the party of the people. Everyone is writing books on how awful the republican party is, but no one is writing on the failures and need for change withing the democratic party, she said.

She is right. In my view, if you aggressively address the needs of the working class, which are the majority in this country, the people will come to your aid. That is my belief, as far-fetched as it may seem.

There is so much to write on this subject. More later.