Saturday, February 07, 2004

The Moral Develpment of America: Redux 

My, possibly final, letter on the issue to my friend, David:


I don't think my championing of a few social causes is going to affect this election, one way or the other. I would be so arrogant to assume my influence on others. What I am doing right now is a form of research on issues that are important to me. I agree with you, that we should all unite to oust Bush, but as I stated, I believe that this president and his dangerous minions, did not develop in a vacuum. I am very much interested in the psyche of Americans, that would allow the development of such inequality in this country, so that we have children and working parents going homeless and hungry. You have provided me a few clues in your response.

You said:
>>>Our disconnect arises from what we believe government's role
should be in the lives of citizens and how much responsibility
individuals have for the conditions of their lives. I favor freedom as a
value over security, and I believe in minimal government that protects
individual privacy, rights and autonomy. It appears that you value
security over freedom and want a maternal government that takes care of
the basic physical needs of all of its citizens. So we disagree.<<<

Apparently, homelessness among working families is not your problem. I don't mean to be blunt, but I see so many distancing themselves from the extreme financial difficulties millions of Americans are facing, clinging to the notion of "minimal government", when in fact we have government manipulating our economy to favor the wealthy. I do believe these issues ought to be addressed by the democratic candidates. That doesn't mean they will be.

As far as the desire for a maternal form of government, that sounds fine to me, in the sense that the government is a reflection of the people, and if the government were "maternal", as you describe it, then that would mean its citizens cared more for those who are hungry, and homeless, and that it would be a high priority to help these people, rather than the high priority of extending stock options to ceos.

As for as hurting my feelings when you don't disagree with me, that is not the case at all. (I wonder now if there is a little projection there). When you print, though, just parts of what I have written to you, and respond to selected sentences, and send that to your audience, I feel slightly misrepresented. I can't tell you how to conduct this "forum", but I just wanted to share my opinions.