Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Fear. Should we? 

A "State of Panic" is what the headline screams on Common Dreams.org today. Very appropriate for a day filled with more dire predictions of terrorist attacks, predictions made by our leading law enforcer, John Ashcroft.

Truth is, who is the terrorist here?

It has become almost impossible for me to ascertain the true nature of these predictions. Is is yet another case of crying wolf, of predictions coming and going like weather patterns? Interesting, that these new terrorists, supposedly being recruited by Al Queda, are white, Europeans, like...me, like us, those of us descended from the original founders of this country.

The brown and black races have long been the scapegoats for crime and terrorism. Now "they" have thrown into the mix, people of European descent; white people. The circle is complete; we must fear...everybody.

Nevermind that some of the most dangerous terrorists masquerade under the banner of nationalism, and proclaim their legitimacy as part God's natural law.The white race has been very good at deflecting internal reflection and criticism, to the brown and black races.

This new prediction, and I will call it a ploy, bears the mark of deliberate design, and presses us as a nation painfully closer to the vision of George Orwell in 1984. It seems designed to push us ever closer to a society in which neighbor fears neighbor, even family member. It is as though "they" wish to shatter the last bit of trust that we feel with each other. A nation divided is a nation easily conquered.

It is difficult to ascertain, the strength and truth of these dire predictions.
One thing is clear though: I am being encouraged to fear those that look like me.

This comes at an interesting time, one in which the architects of our apocalyptic foreign policy are reeling. Abu Graib and the incidents therein, demonstrate that shit flows downhill. The putrid stench at the top of corrupt values and decrepit morals has firmly infiltrated the lower ranks.

What a perfect time to introduce yet more that we must fear, and look out for. What a perfect time to distract people from the stench wafting from Abu Graib, and Washington D.C. What a perfect time to firm up the base of support for these policies. There, I told you so. They are still after us, and we ought to support the president in this war on terror.

Now I am not advocating for you, the reader, to throw all caution to the wind, travel where you may without hesitation, fear not, because it is all a pack of lies. Actually, I do believe Ashcroft is telling the truth. We have much to fear, now and this summer. What I question, is the original source of this fear. It's origin; it's reason for existence. Just who gains most from this fear, and why? It may not be, the ones that you originally thought responsible.