Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Bleary under a lunar eclipse. 

I'm beyond tired into wired from lack of sleep, and marveling at the cross-current of events, that I would fight for myself and my co-workers today and secure payment from a movie company filming in our coffeehouse. That Mosh would be the number one video on MTV just days before the election, and wondering how Kerry will deal with youthful rage if he expands the war. Watched a goddamned silly-ass reporter from Rolling Stone interviewed on Olbermann tonight take on Eminem's Mosh, and wanted to puke at her trivialization and cynical reaction to the anger over the war and the growing feeling, I am certain, among young people who enlisted that they are being used...with little concern for their well-being. These over-paid and over-priced media types, the type that came into our coffeeshop this morning and proceeded to take it over, with little concern for our well-being and reimbursement for our effort, I don't give a fuck if they are from Hollywood, I told one guy, we are due reimbursement.

The puking way members of the human race treat each other when they've got their piece, don't wanna share no part of that piece; just now a military jet flew really low over our neighborhood. Ominous. I'm tired. Yes, I am glad Kerry will probably win this election. But am I hopeful the activism will continue in opposition to the war? Not much. Yet.