Tuesday, October 26, 2004

A Canadian activist is turned away. 

From MetroTimes in Detroit, this account of the questioning, and turning away, of John Clark, anti-globalization activist, at the border:

In terms of the border itself,” Clarke tells Metro Times, “the essence of globalization is to remove barriers so that corporations are allowed to ship goods and services from one country to another with great ease, and to allow those same corporations to move jobs and livelihoods across borders with impunity.”

He says his detention and interrogation ironically served to highlight that, “When it comes to people who want to cross the border to hold discussions about what is occurring — or people who want to try and cross the border to organize protests against what is happening — barriers to prevent them from doing that are being put up.”

“One of the problems we’re facing,” he adds, “is that on both sides of the border people are seeing the criminalization of political activity. Then those charges are used against them, creating pariahs when they attempt to move from one country to another.”