Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Driving a point home. 

Driving home today and saw several points to consider: I have to be able to get up in the morning and look at my face in the mirror and believe in the person that looks back at me. Could I do that if I vote for someone who more than likely is going to extend a war? There are several factors here. I spoke to a friend today, someone who has put a great deal of time into the Green Party; someone who normally does not vote democrat. He supported Nader in 2000, but he's voting for John Kerry now. He is an electrician. He's voting his pocket book this time around, though he seems to have very similar reservations about Kerry's foreign policy. He has seen the cost of his materials go up, and he believes the deficit is driving inflation. We didn't talk about the cost of oil, but certainly this must be playing a factor in the cost of everthing going up??? Coffee is going up again. Oil is at $52 a barrel.

Has anyone ever asked or answered this question: Just who does profit from a deficit?

I hope my friend is relieved of his pocket-book burden is Kerry is elected. In my view though, domestic and foreign policy are intertwined. They affect each other and play off of each other. I remember clearly feeling Bush was evading the issue of corporate corruption, a sagging stock market, and his buddies at Enron and their shanninigans, when he launched his campaign for war with Iraq.

I told a friend in an email yes, Kerry's domestic policies will be vastly superior to Bush's, but if he escalates this war, more of our resources will be drained. Kerry acknowledged the right of the U.S. to engage in preemptive war. It is something we have done since the inception of our country. I noted in an earlier post there have been only 4 declared wars in the history of our country. Here is a list of conflicts the U.S. has been involved in since the formation of our country. It's a long list, and this fellow has included armed interventions and occupations, as well as wars: http://www.historyguy.com/War_list.html#warlist12

I for one, am re-examining the time and support and energy invested in such a political system that has produced such wars.