Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Lest we forget... 

I'm as glad as any democrat to see Clinton healthy and campaigning. However...it was interesting to hear Kerry yesterday in Philly declare Clinton a champion for the middle class, because he certainly wasn't one for the poor:

With a stroke of his pen, Bill Clinton dismantled the New Deal and replaced it with a Raw Deal for poor women and children," NOW President Patricia Ireland said Aug. 22, the day President Clinton signed the new welfare bill into law.
"Millions more will swell the ranks of the poor and hungry as a result of this bill," she said. "It is a repeal of welfare -- not a reform."
Ireland joined hundreds of activists who rallied in front of the White House to protest the president's action on the bill. NOW and its allies vowed to continue the "
Hungry for Justice" campaign to force President Clinton and Congress to eliminate the most harmful requirements from the bill and restore some of the safety net for the poor.
On July 31, when President Clinton announced he would sign the welfare repeal bill, NOW launched the "Hungry for Justice" campaign with a huge demonstration in front of the White House. Ireland, along with the other officers and many NOW staff members and activists, began a fast to protest Clinton's action and "to enhance our understanding and commitment to ending poverty," Ireland said.

Now I remember the 90's as a time when I saw my own earnings creep upwards, and watched the enormous wealth that was being accrued through the stockmarket. I remember feeling that this wealth was not real, intuitively, though I understood little as to why the bubble was occuring. I remember talking to friends who were investing for the first time, and earning, only to see it all vanish a few years later. Clinton did us all a favor by eliminating the deficit. That much he understood. I think he caved into the pressures from the right when he dismantled the welfare state. Just my opinion. When will Kerry cave and how? In my view, Kerry is already caving to globalization pressures by promising to expand the war in Iraq. Too much moolah and investment opportunities to be lost if we simply pulled out. Sheesh...when will guys learn to pull out...