Thursday, November 04, 2004

51% of the voting population has abandoned humane values. 

Letter to dailykos:

On the values issue: Remember, this election may have been rigged. Also, 51% of the vote is not that convincing of a mandate. And what of the millions of Americans who don't believe enough in the system to vote? We need to figure out how to reach them. Let us continue to address our supporters and encourage their voices, rather than focusing on the message of the right wing. It is not that we abadoned the south. The south has abandoned humane values...for now. The vote was closer than expected in Alabama though. Things aren't as bleak as they seem. If they succeed in convincing everyone they have a mandate, then liberals won't put up a fight. As things get worse...economically speaking...as I suspect they will...watch southern, midwestern voters reconsider us. IN the meantime, we need to find our voices still on the issues we care about most...and turn to creative...unusual ways to get the message out.