Tuesday, November 02, 2004

America is not a democracy. 

Not when things like this go on. Read the Daily Howler on fire:

AMAZING: This morning, Paul Krugman writes of his “faith in America.” At the outset, he calls attention to a situation that is simply astounding, although few major pundits have said so:

KRUGMAN (11/2/04): Over the weekend, people in some [Florida] polling places had to stand in line for four, five, even six hours, often in the sun. Some of them—African-Americans in particular—surely suspected that those lines were so long because officials wanted to make it hard for them to vote.
We don’t know why those lines are so long. But let us state what we’ve seen few Big Pundits state—it is, simply put, an astonishing scandal when people have to stand in line five hours to vote. Is Jeb Bush’s Florida a banana republic? It is astounding—astonishing; intolerable; inexcusable—that the situation Krugman describes exists in this affluent nation. Is there any other part of our culture where people are asked to do this?