Monday, November 22, 2004

Beverly Harris "interviewed" by the Secret Service this past April, 2004 

Beverly Harris was interviewed by the Secret Service, she revealed in a democratic underground forum in April, of 2004, and, this is what they wanted from her:

Under the Patriot Act, "hacking" crimes were turned over to a new division, called the CyberCrimes division, and placed under the auspices of the Secret Service. And let me tell you what they want from me now: They want the logs of my web site with all the forum messages, and the IP addresses. That's right. All of them. A giant fishing expedition for every communication of everyone interested in the voting issue.

This has nothing to do with a VoteHere "hack" investigation, and I have refused to turn it over.So, yesterday, they call me up and tell me they are going to subpeona me and put me in front of a grand jury. Well, let 'em. They still aren't getting the list of members of BlackBoxVoting.org unless they seize my computer -- which my attorney tells me might be what they have in mind.Also, Agent Mike told me he just "happened" to be on the plane with me a couple weeks ago. What's that supposed to do? Scare me? "You were going to Oakland," he said. Yeah, and Diebold lawyer's memos appeared in the Oakland Tribune, but guess what, Mike: That was the first hop of three on my way to Dallas. I left that morning for a speech at the Dallas Democratic Forum that evening. Never even got off the plane. Better luck next time.

They show up at interviews with printouts of DemocraticUnderground posts (not even mine -- the ones they showed me were from other DU members). And if they were really investigating what they said -- a VoteHere "hack" can someone explain why they want the logs from the web site BlackBoxVoting.org -- the "hack" occured in early October, but BlackBoxVoting.org was shut down, triggered by a Diebold cease & desist, from Sept 23 to Oct 23.

And (you know who you are) -- consider this a heads up: If you start bumbling around in my house with U.S. marshalls, the very first thing that will happen is mainstream news coverage that you are misusing the Patriot Act to get at membership lists and private correspondence for a fishing expedition on stuff that isn't even the subject of a legitimate investigation.

By the way. I need to pick up a few things so that, in the event my computer gets seized, I don't lose a whole lot of time being unable to get my work done. I've been advised what backup systems to get, need to buy them, and will head elsewhere until all systems are backed up. So, if you see fit for a small donation (info at http://www.blackboxvoting.org ) this would help me very much with my temporary relocation and purchasing the backup computer stuff. Yeah, I'm pissed.

Taking the pulse of our democracy nowadays, it doesn't feel very healthy, does it?

Bev Harris