Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Corruption in N.C. e-voting? 

The democracy underground forum member found these anomalies in North Carolina. Click on the link for the full statistical analysis:

In part one of my analysis of the North Carolina General Election, I identified a discrepancy in voting patterns between the first third of the election via absentee/early vote and the other two-thirds of the election at the November 2nd polls. In the follow-up, I look deep into the county data to try to locate the source of the discrepancy and ask whether or not a solid case can be made for a modified election. The conclusions I've reached are as follows:
I. Most of the discrepancy can be attributed to optical scan and punch card counties. A large question remains as to how much of the discrepancy is the result of central tabulating computers, "spoiled ballots," or higher Republican turnout. The evidence shows that punch cards and certain optical scan vendors had a much lower percentage of their votes cast in the early vote than were cast by other voting systems. Why?
II. Older, manual systems (hand counted paper ballots & levers) showed a precise correlation in the early and election day votes AND with the exit polls.
III. While the DRE electronic voting systems had only a two percent disparity between the early vote and election day, there is stunning evidence to suggest they corrupted BOTH sides of the election.