Monday, November 08, 2004

An examination of the Florida elections 

I posted a link on the right to an examination of the Florida elections, and here is what Brandon Adams, author of the site, has to say:

There is no smoking gun in the Florida elections, but the results still have their pecularities. It's true that if optical scan votes were not counted, Kerry would have won with about the same margin that Bush did. It's true that rural counties tended to use optical scan machines more, and the wideheld view is that rural voters prefer Bush. It's true that machines manufactured by ES&S, a company that has had problems on the past, gave a higher percentage of votes to President Bush than did other machines.

No smoking gun, but I might have caught site of a pistol somewhere.

Adams posts excellent analysis and graphs, and provides some history of the changing data released by Florida Secretary of State. Excellent site.