Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Goodby Democracy. 

This election is the epitaph of American democracy. With massive turnout by democrats, Bush will win the popular vote by fraud and deception. It has been won for him, and not by people casting votes. Florida politicians, including Jeb Bush, said today not to follow the exit polling for Florida. Why did he, and others, say this? They knew something then we didn't know, but know now. It was rigged, my friends. I'm suspecting it was rigged in other states as well.

Voting was made difficult for voters in Florida, Ohio and elsewhere, with lines snaking for hours. Why was this allowed to happen by our democratic politicians who were supposed to look out for our interests?

American democracy suffered yet another death, to relive the one in the year 2000. By the way, was Zogby wrong yet again? Was exit polling wrong yet again?

America, wake up. It is time to take your country back.