Friday, November 12, 2004

Just say No! to Roy Barnes as DNC chairman 

The last person we need right now as chairman of the DNC, is someone who took Diebold under their wing when he was governor of Georgia. From the DailyKos:

We MUST stop Roy Barnes from taking over the DNC.
As an activist on the issue of electionic voting, I have had some exposure to the ex-Governor of Georgia (Roy Barnes) who brought these machines into our state in 2002.
If you care about solving the electronic voting problem, and stopping it, you must not allow Roy Barnes to take over control of the DNC. Because the moment he does, Diebold and electronic voting become the owners of our party. Let me be specific:

Shortly after the 2002 debacle in Georgia, I was investigating the specifics of the Diebold contract. Then we discovered
Rob Behler and his account of uncertified software patches. I phoned Roy Barnes at the Atlanta Legal Aid Society to enlist his assistance, the conversation went as follows:
ME: (explaining Rob Behler's account of rigged voting machines)
BARNES: Is this man ready to sign a sworn statement?
ME: He already has.
BARNES: Did you take this story to the national media?
ME: Not yet.
BARNES: Thank you for letting me know.
And he hung up. Click! End of conversation.
As our investigation continued, it became clear that the Georgia Secretary of State (Cathy Cox), the Governor (Roy Barnes) and the Governor's appointee to the Georgia Technology Authority (Larry Singer) had prepared legislation and a presentation (see
here and here - both links PDF docs) to the Georgia legislature within 2 months of the Florida 2000 election debacle with the assistance of Diebold. Despite the fact that 53% of Georgia's voters were already using electionic voting (optical scan), and the factual data showing Optical Scan Precinct Count had the lowest error rate of all voting machines in place, Cox, Barnes and Singer convinced the Georgia legislature to replace the voting machines with a statewide DRE system owned by Diebold.
If we allow Roy Barnes to take the chairmanship of the DNC, our concerns about electronic voting will go unaddressed and Mr. Barnes will continue to work against the rights of the voter with Diebold in the seat beside him.