Monday, November 08, 2004

Martha Mitchell, we miss you. 

Someone suggested on www.dailykos.com comments that the blogs are channeling Martha Mitchell right now.

Four days after the arrests at the Watergate Hotel, Martha Mitchell called a UPI reporter from Newport, California:
"I am sick and tired of politics."
"I gave (John) an ultimatum I would leave him if he didn't get out."
"I am a political prisoner."
"Politics is nothing but a cops and robbers game."
"I know dirty things."
"I saw dirty things."
"I am not going to stand for all those dirty tricks that go on."
"I am sick and tired of the whole operation."
"They threw me down on the bed, five men, and stuck a needle in my behind. A doctor stitched my fingers after the battle with five guards." (She had bruises on her arms and thighs.)
Martha's telephone conversation was bugged when she summoned the UPI for help from California. Her room was entered, the phone was pulled from the wall, and the silencing treatment began. A security agent from the Committee to Re-elect President Nixon gave Martha an injection in her behind and a doctor was called to stitch up her finger.
Martha next found herself in New York after saying, "They wanted to keep me here in California."
Patrick Gray III, acting head of the FBI from the Justice Dept., was staring at the same Newport hotel as the John Mitchell family following the arrests at the Watergate Hotel in Washington. Even Time magazine called that coincidence "suspicious."