Monday, November 22, 2004

Ohio Democratic Party joins the Recount Battle 

I just spoke to Dan Trevas with the Ohio Democratic Party. He said, the Kerry/Edwards camp is indeed endorsing the recount effort, but not to read too much into it, in this sense: this was an inevitable outcome of what has transpired since election day, and also what took place on election day. However, it is an effort orchestrated by Ohio, not by the Kerry/Edwards campaign itself, though they have endorsed the effort, as I stated. Trevas said their attorneys spoke to Kerry/Edwards attorneys, and now the ball is rolling to recruit volunteers for the recount effort, and money.

Right now, no financing explicitly stated from the Kerry campaign, but, remember that army of lawyers? Some of them are participating in Ohio on this effort, and have been on this from the beginning. They are likely local lawyers, I am guessing.

Trevas said this effort was inevitable, in that they all knew there was going to be a heavy turnout, and, given that  the Ohio state house is republican controlled, and funding for the election, in essence, republican controlled, Trevas had publicly warned that a recount would likely be sought if things weren't on the up and up.

Press Release:
Monday, November 22, 2004


November 22, 2004

Kerry/Edwards Campaign Participates Ohio Recount Ohio Democratic Party Seeks Volunteers to Help Recount.

COLUMBUS – Assuring Ohioans receive an accurate count of all votes cast for president has prompted the Democratic Party to participate in the initiative to recount the results of the Nov. 2 presidential election.

“As Senator Kerry stated in his concession speech in Boston, we do not necessarily expect the results of the election to change, however, we believe it necessary to make sure everyone's vote is counted fairly and accurately,” said Dennis White, Ohio Democratic Party chair.

Columbus Attorney Donald McTigue will lead the recount effort on behalf of Ohio Democrats. The party will be recruiting volunteer witnesses to assist in the recount process in all 88 counties.

On Election Day and throughout the month of November, angry Ohio citizens have expressed frustration with long lines, malfunctioning voting machines and undelivered absentee ballots. There have been inconsistencies in the unofficial reports of the election, including an error in one Franklin County precinct that gave George Bush 3,893 more votes than actually cast for him.

The recount can begin after the official results are certified, which likely will be in the first week of December. The Democratic Party wants to be fully prepared to begin a recount immediately.

Volunteers can sign up at the Ohio Democratic Party website: www.ohiodems.org and the party will also accept contributions to help offset the cost of completing a recount.

“We are proud to stand up for Democrats all over the world who have asked us to make sure every vote gets counted. And we want to demonstrate that Ohio can do better in the future to guarantee every voters who wants to vote, has a chance to vote,” White said.