Monday, November 15, 2004

On Dean and DNC Chairman 

There is a battle raging over the DNC Chairman position, and its being documented over at DailyKos. The powers that be, including John Kerry, apparently regard a Dean chairmanship as something akin to leprosy. Kerry ought to shut his mouth after shamefully conceding before the votes were counted. He let down millions of people with his duck and cover routine; I especially feel for the young people who voted, many for the first time; I remember the crestfallen faces of my youthfull co-workers the day after the election, when it was announced Kerry was conceding.

We had Gore failing to call for a full recount in Florida in 2000. We had Congressional democrats giving authorization to this president to conduct war in a country that did not provoke us. Now it is a largely silent democratic party failing to question suspicious vote totals around the country, in precincts where electronic voting systems are deployed. This is a duck and cover democratic party leadership, looking out for its own interests, rather than the party's interests. I find more courage in the posts over at Daily Kos.

Here is my recent comment there. I'm switching my registration from democrat to independent. The democratic party is going to have to kiss my ass to get my vote:

Don't you believe it... Dean would be a welcome change and would encourage new blood in the party. They don't want you to believe this because "they" don't want to relinquish power to the grassroots, to us, so to speak. If Dean is not made chairman, I encourage everyone to change their registration to independent. Start a movement, one that will shake them to the bone.
Our leaders are appeasers. Where was Gore when we needed a full Florida recount? Where is Kerry to contest Ohio and Florida? He said he would fight for every vote with his army of lawyers. Where were our senators when Bush wanted authorization for this war?
We need drastic and fundamental changes.