Saturday, November 13, 2004

Our leaders are appeasers. 

It is so clear to me at this moment. We have to fight for every issue dear to us. We have to fight to have every vote counted. We have to fight tooth and nail to rescue our country from the neocons. I just posted this on dailykos:

Donna Britt in the Washington Post said today that Karl Rove would be insisting all of the votes be counted. Where the hell are our democratic leaders on this issue? Where is  Kerry, Donna Brazile, Howard Dean? Where is James Carville? Where is Clinton on this issue of the recount?

The Democratic party has become the passive party on issues that matter most, including the outcome of this election, including the widespread use of electronic voting systems.  Remember how most of them voted when Bush asked for authorization of the Iraq war? Remember what Gore did when we needed a full recount of the vote in Florida?

Our leaders are appeasers, and we must demand change.