Wednesday, November 17, 2004

"The republic is in eclipse" 

This is a letter written to someone who posted a national review article on a forum I participate in:

<< [T]he Democratic-party elite .... portray [us] as religious bigots, racist rednecks, and generally stupid people. >>
-Mackubin Thomas Owens, National Review Online)

Dr. P,
Why is this man whining about how put upon and inferior he feels, this flack of the party that WON the election? The party that dominates every branch of American government, and owns the media? "The Democratic-party elite"? How are the Democrats elite?
Where's the elation of victory? Where's the confidence of strength? Why aren't Republicans happy?
Dr. P, do you feel the dread? The dread that something bad is going to happen? I do. It's the same feeling I had when the judiciary appointed George W president despite his loss of the popular vote in late 2000. There would be consequences when the will of the majority was thwarted. The peak event of those consequences happened nine months later.
This time, the theft of the election has been done more skillfully. Instead of general confusion and doubt, most people believe George W got 51% of the votes, even most of the majority who didn't vote for him. Only a small minority of us who were watching carefully and skeptically know with conviction that computers were hacked to reverse the results. And we can't prove it in any way that would be acceptable to the rest of you, not even to most of those on the true blue side of things, who voted for sanity and responsibility in government. It would just be too awful to most Americans to admit that our democracy has been hijacked again. Most Americans of every persuasion would rather pretend that everything is fine, the republic still stands.
But the fact remains that the will of the majority has been thwarted again. The republic is in eclipse. Something bad is going to happen. Republicans know it, too; that's why they're not happy. You can't trick reality. You can't fool Mother Nature. You can't pretend everything's alright when it's not. Not for long, anyway. Dread.
You should beg your boy Mason to stay out of the military.

Good luck,