Monday, November 08, 2004

Rhandi Rhodes leads the fight. 

This is a link that I will post under the title "Rhandi Rhodes", to one of the messages in her forum that posts links regarding voter fraud, and an email for further info and networking: From the Rhandi Rhodes message board:

Randi Rhodes is the voice for this movement.She can be heard on Air America Radio between 3 - 7 p.m. every week day. Stream on the web or go to airamericaradio.com to find local stations. PLEASE GO TO HER WEBPAGE & MESSAGE BOARD FOR UPDATES:http://www.therandirhodesshow.com/main.html THE CASE FOR A FRAUDELENT ELECTION: Evidence is coming in literally every minute of vast discrepancies with vote irregulariteis, skewed vote counts, statistically impossible voting patterns, and illegal actions surrounding the vote this past Tuesday.