Monday, December 06, 2004

How do I know? 

How do I know that we have the numbers on our side? Because our policies and beliefs support the enhancement of humanity, the improvement of the quality of life for everyone. And, we must continue to examine every one of our proposed policies and laws, that they are supportive of the quality of life, and not degenerative.

The numbers are on our side, yes, even those who don't participate in politics, consider them as part of our community, as well as republicans and renegades from the republican party. They are ultimately with us, because we possess the power of reason and love for humanity and the ecology of the earth.

This is no small matter. We empower ourselves through the affirmative belief in our own principals. So examine them closely and examine them well.

We have most of the world on our side, and some of you might scoff at this, but this is extremely important. We have the power of the press in other nations. Ironic, isn't it, but significant. Because if, and when the true movement begins to take back our country, we will have a sympathetic foreign press, arousing, as in the Ukraine election crisis, international outrage and interest. Rember, also, that this foreign press represents the intent of the world's people, for intelligent, compassionate leadership to emanate from this country. We haven't yet lived up to our own ideal, but this is a subject for another day.

Our democratic leaders in Congress have not yet realized that they don't have to suck up to broken policies and soul-sucking beliefs as a method of appeasement, or support war as a method of diplomacy, as a replacement of diplomacy. And appeasement as a form of co-existence is ultimately soul-killing. Our democratic leaders have not yet realized that if they raise their voices in support of their true beliefs, support will come, fast and ravenous like the true, hungry beasts we are, starving for quality in public discourse.

We are smart people. Some of us are brilliant. We are all geniuses in some measure, waiting for recognition. We must, first of all, recognize ourselves. So put down your cloaks and your veils, there is nothing to hide from, except eventual success and quality of life.