Monday, January 31, 2005

Iraqi vote schmote. 

I am amazed to see the comments on DailyKos; jesus I didn't think people were still that naive, particularly those that bother to keep themselves informed.

The Iraqi vote is theater for the conquests of George Bush 2.

The Iraqis will now be the poster children for the flag of George Bush democracy that he intends to fly over the tyrannies of the world. He might want to start with his own.

Four years have passed and two questionable elections that cast serious doubt on America's commitment to democracy within her own borders. Four years later and no end in sight to our deficit, no end in sight to the neocon ambitions in the middle east, and no end in sight to the ways in which they will try to trick and deceive a gullible public into believing outrageous falsehoods, such as the need to replace social security with private investment accounts. As though the stock market were more reliable than a social security check coming in the mail.

They want us all to become really, badly addicted gamblers, gambling away our future, our quality of life, our values.

Wether its betting on the establishment of democracy in Iraq, or the ups and downs of a stock market fueled with our social security money, its still gambling, its a dangerous game and one that we must refuse to play.

I wish that the Iraqis, the different factions, had been able to ban together to boycott the elections. It would have been the most peaceful form of protest to democracy forced down their throats at the end of a gun barrel. Ghandi would have loved it.

Several have written on Dailkos of the different factions involved, and what the election might portend, and it ain't all sugar coated. Go and read the comments. I don't know a great deal about the factions, but I understand something of motivations and their effect on events and consequences.

It matters our motivations in bringing about this war. I'm not talking about the public's motivations. Privately, our dear leaders, hoped for control of a country sitting on the largest oil field in the world, and democracy was an afterthought. You doubt me? Why no postwar plan then?

Public motivations for this war obviously created a great deal of delusion: we would be safer as a country if we attack Iraq, as though violence of that nature can guaruntee safety. I've always believed that an abiding principle of Dr. King's and Ghandi, is peaceful actions that ultimately encourage peace. Even if they disturb initially.

If we really cared about the Iraqi people, we would have never gone in in the first place, and we would have not backed the UN's sanctions on that pitiful country, harming their citizens. Shame on us. Shame, shame.

Peaceful protest all over the world, bocotts, alternatives created, this is what will defeat the tyranny of George Bush.

God be with the Iraqi people, and I hope they vote to kick us out.