Saturday, February 26, 2005

The Implications of Negroponte 

Make no mistake about it: Mr. Negroponte represents the use of force, of violence, to cower opponents to the philosophies he subscribes to, and, there are many more like him influencing and controlling the direction of this nation at this time.

The huge silence emanating form the blogosphere on Negroponte is like a vast, left-wing conspiracy of denial, conscious or unconscious. Is it that we don't want to see where we are headed?

People are being positioned in various roles in this administration, with something in mind, folks. Negroponte represents the values of this administration. Chief of Intelligence, and the kind of intelligence that represents the reasons for everything this administration does. And it doesn't have much to do with intelligence.

It has everything to do with the use of coercion, torture, lies, deceit, slander, violence to the body and violence to the soul.

We must oppose Negroponte.

Wake up, blogosphere!

According to a 1997 CIA inspector general's report, U.S. officials in Honduras were aware of serious violations of human rights by the Honduran military during the 1980s but did not adequately report this to Congress. A heavily redacted version of the report notes particularly that the U.S. Embassy suppressed sensitive data during Negroponte's time there.

I am especially concerned about the disappearance of two U.S. citizens--Father James "Guadalupe" Carney and David Arturo Baez Cruz--during Negroponte's tenure. Carney had come to Honduras in 1983 as a chaplain to a revolutionary group, which included Baez Cruz, a Nicaraguan American who had served in the U.S. special forces. The group was captured by the Honduran army, and Carney "disappeared" along with nearly all of the 96 members of the group.