Tuesday, February 22, 2005

My diary on Dailykos was worthwhile for this comment alone:

This should be the Dems central message:

Democrats need to strengthen their already strong(er) record on
environment.  And one frame is the immorality of destroying God's creation.

As the Dem Party rightly disposes of corporate
influence that has so decayed the Party's support for the interests of working class people,  we need to bring the Party into alignment with many of the principles of the Greens: leaving a healthy, livable world for our

Democrats should currently demand an explanation
from our plunderbund administration for their wanton dismantling of environmental laws at a time when tougher measures are required.
Ask that they explain to children why they must grow up in a world where these animals are
literally being extinguished by their lack of concern.

Amphibians are the canary's in the coal mine.
What we do to them we do to ourselves.
Republican children will grow up in a polluted,
diseased and biologically impoverished world
because of Bush and the leaders of their party who are nearly totally illiterate when it comes to science, especially ecology.  Do they not care about their own children? Are they so sure that they will be raptured away ?  A small number might --
the one's who are actually in that kind of
cult, but the majority I assume expect to have
a livable world for their children and grandchildren.  

To my dying day, I will hold these bastards