Saturday, February 05, 2005

Our climate. 

Global warming...is metaphorical, as well as physical.

The g7 meeting was just held, and the subject of poverty came up. Yea, THAT SUBJECT.

Yes, there are people without enough to eat, without a place to sleep. But...I would say the world suffers from a paucity of imagination as opposed to a poverty of resources. Yes, even with dwindling resources and the desecration of the environment, we could still turn this thing around. If we focus our imagination on the creation of solutions, and their practical application, and our abilities on the best available protection and use of resources. And there can be no use of resources without it's cooresponding protection, if we are to renew our resources.

Wanted: U.S. Environmental Movement
Wanted: Movement to develop and implement clean energy
Needed: U.S. citizens to join the Make Poverty History British groups.

THE GLOBALIZATION OF AMERICAN CONSCIENCE is much more important, and will possibly conteract the dangers of the globalization of the economy.

What is the saying??? We need to think globally and act locally.

I say that again.


Recomendation for myself in the next few weeks: Attend the next meeting of a particular group regarding the preservation of low-income housing.
Contact some people I have in mind about getting involved with me in election reform in my home state.
Keep informed on global isses and lend my voice whenever possible.
Plant a spring garden.
Get the word out on the development of clean forms of energy. Part of the problem here is not that the technologies don't exist. The problem is that the desire to implement these technologies, on a mass scale, has not yet permeated the consciousness of the American, or even, the world citizen.

It could though, quickly. The issue has to do with what we allow to dominate our thoughts and efforts. The republicans are still winning on this one, despite recent successes, such as the muting of the "social security is in crisis" mantra.

They are winning because they have set the tone, temper and subject matter of the debate we are currently engaged in.

How often do you read about, in the mass media and popular blogs, the development and implementation of alternative forms of energy?

The most dangerous people to the neocons, are the ones who dare us to change, and to hope. What if we all became aware of the need for changes, and took steps, and offered each other hope? Participation, would drown out danger.