Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Who are we? 

Who are we as a nation, a people?

Do we value the sanctity of life, all of life?

If so, why do we declare that some wars are just?

If so, why have we condoned torture?

Do we value the quality of life?

If so, why do we sacrifice the environment for our convenient way of life?

Do we value self-knowledge and awareness?

If so, why do we choose to delude ourselves, and live in denial on very important issues, such as the environment, torture and war?

I was telling a new aquaintance the other day, we have the resources, inner and outer resources, to solve our problems.

We choose not to solve our problems.

Why is this?

We have blinded ourselves to the full value of our imagination. Imagine clean energy for everyone, and it can happen. Imagine enough food for everyone and it can happen.

Imagine that we stop using up the world's resources, and learn to recycle everything, and it can happen.

John Lennon was right, that's why he was shot.

I didn't mean for his name to come up, but there it is, it did.