Friday, April 01, 2005

James Baker the third, you are full of shit... 

full of shit, that is, to think that your cynical presence on the Voting Reform Commission has gone down without being noticed by true patriots everywhere. We know of your anti-democratic efforts and attitude in 2000, and we wonder what role you played in the stolen election of 2004. We know that you work for the Bushies, hence, you do not work for democracy. It is all or nothing for your kind. Your greed and hypermanic egos may destroy this country, indeed, this world, for the sake of power, money, and imagined prestige. We will do everything in our power to expose you, for the walking threat to democracy that you are...

From Daily kos:

Coordinated attack on your voting rights happening NOW!
by bejammin075

Thu Mar 31st, 2005 at 08:50:39 PST

It is no accident that James A. Baker III is the co-chair of the new blue ribbon commission on voting issues. Baker helped ensure that the votes in Florida 2000 were not counted. How did Baker get on the commission? We don't know yet. The commission was created in secret.

Then there's the Gannon/Talon-like ACVR. The American Center for against Voting Rights. The "non-partisan" ACVR sprang into existance 3 business days before a 3/21/05 House Administrative Committee on voting issues of Ohio 2004. ACVR submitted a 31-page report to the Committee. The report, authored by Mark F. Hearne (General Counsel to Bush/Cheney '04), entirely blames ALL potential vote fraud on Democrats. Presently, the ACVR report is being circulated far and wide to every nook and crany of Freeper Land.

The Baker-tainted blue ribbon commission and the Gannon-like ACVR are both part of a coordinated attack on the right to vote. This is known because of a very peculiar detail reported by the BradBlog:

The Commission was seated in secret, announced on Thursday at 2pm, and lauded in a Press Release published by ACVR just 24 minutes later!

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Reported at the BradBlog:
RNC Political Director Cites Report by RNC 'Voting Rights' Front Group to RNC Email List!

Those words in the grey box above are some freaky shit when you consider what it means. Is it a conspriacy? Is that possible? Is this crazy? Well, it IS a conspiracy. The recent activities of these high-level Republicans can't be reasonably explained any other way. To get a press release out 24 minutes after the created-in-secret-by-secret-people blue ribbon commission means you already had the press release typed up BEFORE the announcement, when none from the established voting rights groups knew about it.

We know James A. Baker III is on the commission PRECISELY because he will thwart any true vote reform.

We can see for ourselves that ACVR and their shitty report are also there PRECISELY to thwart true vote reform.
ACVR fake report on Democratic-only vote fraud
(Warning: If you take blood pressure medication, double it!)

These people have unbelievably big balls. The quote below is from page 20 of the ACVR report, under Intimidation and Voter Harassment:

Unfortunately, on November 2, 2004, activists from these third party organizations violated this voter protection law and harassed Ohio citizens seeking to exercise their right to vote. Many of the individuals engaged in this harassment of voters were representatives of "independent" third party organizations such as MoveOn.org. Some of these individuals - including individuals associated with political campaigns - misrepresented themselves as "nonpartisan" resources for voters. These individuals were cloaked under innocent sounding names such as the "Voter Protection Project," the "Ohio Election Protection Project," and other similar pseudonyms.

"cloaked under innocent sounding names such as the "Voter Protection Project," ?!?! Look who's talking!

And now we can see from the timing of their actions that they are coordinated. We are going to have to work our asses off to put a stop to this. They are working hard to ensure that no reform takes place, while our voting continues to become more controlled by secret voting software. Are we working hard enough to counter their actions? Are you fired up? After the 2004 election, there was a lot of intense blogging about what went down in Ohio and elsewhere, and the DKos community had a bit of a split as to how to approach believing and/or exposing this crap. But there was one thing we were all in 100% agreement on - we really need some voting reform. This voting reform isn't going to be easy, and it's for high stakes. At a minimum, this high-level GOP effort is perpetrated for control of the world's most powerful military and for increased corporate power. The innappropriate use of our military so far has resulted in well over 100,000 innocent civilian deaths. War profiteering is out of control with 9 billion missing and counting, and our leaders don't care enough.

Velvet Revolution, an umbrella group with over 100 member groups concerned about voting rights, calls it like it is:
Velvet Revolution Condems Baker's Presence on the Voting Reform Commission

Also check out (if you missed it) lapin's excellent recent diary on ACVR

Need a reminder why electronic voting is totally screwed? When Diebold central vote tabulators are set up exactly like they were on 11/2/04, they are proven on 3/8/05 to be easily hacked without a trace.

I only started realizing the truth about the voting situation around the time of the 11/2/04 election. Since then it sinks in more and more each day how bad things really are. And just when I think I understand the full extent of it, it gets even worse. And in reality, it's even worse than how I understand it to be.