Wednesday, May 21, 2003

"Too much information, running through my brain"...Sting 

I haven't blogged in a while because I needed the break. You know the feeling. Claustraphobic, I was online so much, as though I had started to live inside those circuits, and was being fed all of the news of the entire world, constantly, everyday. And I felt helpless to do anything about the tragedies of the world. I began to journal again, on paper, with a pen. My thoughts came clearly and succinct.

I was having difficulty establishing blogging priorities. What the heck do you write about when everything is a mess?
I am a political animal. I admit it. But I am becoming more and more concerned with establishing alternatives within my own life, to the powers that be. I don't have much money, but If I constantly focus on "bad news" all of my inner resources will be zapped as well. That said, I am shutting down my War Casualties site and We Miss You Abbie Hoffman site. It was an amazing experience to document the war, but I was spending several hours a day on it. I know the war isn't over. It is a tragedy of monumental proportions that we are responsible for.

I believe one of three things could happen in Iraq. In order to bring about order, there will need to be a tremendously violent crackdown on the several militias that are forming in Baghdad, and to do this, we will need many more troops there, and there will be many more lives wasted on both sides. We are likely going to be there a long time with many troops. A second scenario, the armed revolt that I believe will take place will be successful, and the U.S. and Britain will cut their losses and get out of Iraq. A third scenario: we will decide we were wrong to go in in the first place, and get out and cut our losses. This third scenario will happen only if Dennis Kucinich is elected president. Get to work.